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  Our Services

We offer a variety of cleaning and janitorial services to our commercial and residential clients. Each service is tailored with specific needs of every client. Below is our top-notch signature services that come with high quality delivery and customer service standards to exceed the expectations of our clients while ensuring them the value for money. We strive for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What We Offer

Residential Cleaning

We provide standard or deep cleaning of commercial facilities and homes including move in/out. We clean the ceiling, walls, floors, windows, stairways, cabinets, closets, and drawers, lobby, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets, and the kitchen including the cooker, fridge, sinks, and microwave. The countertops, toilet bowls, and bathtubs get a thorough washing and disinfection with our safe and eco-friendly detergents. We mop the floors, clean the carpets and windows depending on service requested. We dispose of waste after cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

We serve all kinds of commercial spaces such as retail, grocery, banking, manufacturing, transportation, churches, or hotels. A spotless workplace leaves a good first impression on clients and the place where they want to shop. We schedule cleaning activities without disrupting your daily activity. We clean the kitchen, restrooms, break rooms, offices, stairways, freezers, cash machines, counter tops, shopping carts/baskets, the floors, and carpets. Our attention to detail distinguishes from the crowd.

Move Out/In Cleaning

Gets you move-in/out ready with a full deep cleaning covering walls, cabinets and areas have never been cleaned. Thorough and deeper level of grime and dirt removal on all surfaces, dust and detail furniture, equipment, and ancillary; We clean and sanitize kitchen appliances, washroom counter-tops and dispensers and common areas. We remove waste and deep clean carpets/hard flooring. Where new appliances are installed, we also peel off packaging and tags and provide thorough cleaning of the new appliances, windows, and entrances.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning of new workplaces and homes and wipe out the construction dusts, fingermarks, footprints, and clean the ceiling, walls, lamps, floors, windows, stairways, cabinets, closets, drawers, lobby, laundry, dining etc. The kitchen sinks, countertops, toilet bowls, and bathtubs are washed thoroughly and disinfected. We peel of packaging, tags, and stickers from newly installed fixtures, equipment, windows, and entrances and dispose of construction waste after the cleaning.

Carpet/Tile Cleaning

We offer innovative solutions for all types of carpets and floors including hard floors, tough tiles, and plasterboard surfaces. We offer slip-resistant strip and waxing for tiles and marble with mechanical buffering to restore its gloss and apply extra polymer-based surface to help create a resistant floor and add shine and uniqueness to make it part of your interior décor. Our trained staff provide solutions for even worst floor and leave it spotlessly clean. We make it simple, customizable, and affordable for you. Our team provides a green service throughout cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Windows increase illumination. Sparkling clean windows in your lobbies and meeting rooms make a dramatic statement. Dirty windows reduce the natural light entering a room and may cause inconvenience and your clients too may get a negative image of your business. We clean your image with a window cleaning service that grabs the attention of clients entering your business space. We only use certified glass cleaners and help you achieve that spotless, extra, and streak-free appearance you love!

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