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Green Cleaning Services

BioClean & Hygiene Services offers a green commercial cleaning service to support green building and home rating systems and LEED projects and indoor air quality and health, an exceptional service without any extra cost.

Our green cleaning service goes a long way to protect those with compromised immune system. Many commercial products cause respiratory irritation and headaches. The adverse effects cannot be ignored in at home and workplace, daycare centers, and dialysis centers among other facilities.

The green cleaning is useful because of employee’s health, cost benefits, protects the environment, good working relationship, and supports recycling. The benefits our green seal certified cleaning chemicals are realized because they are non-toxic, color-coded to avoid cross-contamination with microfibers, low in a volatile organic compound, degradable, environment friendly, and appropriate dosage.

Technology benefits

Any business can enjoy our green chemicals products and services. Our Green commercial cleaning uses technology with health and environmental benefits that includes microfiber cloths and mops, HEPA vacuum, and UVC sanitization Wand and Other green tools.

Microfiber green cleaning service: Microfiber mops and cloths are used to altogether remove dust particles. Besides, it reduces water consumption, cross-contamination, and chemical use.

HEPA vacuum: Four-stage filtration and including micro filters and micro-Tex filters, make HEPA green equipment. Its use reduces with 99.9% efficiency.

UVC sanitization Wand: Available at additional cost to remove dust particles from hard-to-reach areas, e.g., Keyboard. Sanitizes viruses, bacteria, dust particles, and mold.

We use cans and mop which can be recycled. Our preference is to use recycled paper for the kitchen and restrooms. The Green strategy for your business is our top priority. Our staff is efficient in identifying sources of contamination. If looking forward to saving and healthy environment. Contract our Green commercial cleaning service.

We stand out with our following services:

•Certified cleaning service

•Green sealed certified chemicals

•On-demand cleaning proposal

•Microfiber mops and HEPA filtration Vacuums

•Reasonable price

•Disinfection services

Why choose us?

•We are dedicated to satisfaction, quality, and customer service.

•Our service is not beatable in the cleaning industry.

•We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

•We have Verified staff identity before hiring.

•Regular training and certification of staff.

• Monthly staff evaluation.

• Reliable service.

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